Poltical Posts on Social Media


Staff Writer

Political posts on social media: we’ve all seen them, read them and shaken our heads at them. Many of us have even been the authors of such posts. 

But the question is: are political posts acceptable on social media?

I will begin addressing this topic by stating my advice on the matter: keep your political rants to a minimum or cut them out all together. 

While it is good that you have a strong opinion on political matters, sharing them on Facebook is not the proper outlet for you to let out your feelings on such a divisive subject. 

People are easily offended by opposing views, and many will be irked by seeing a politically-related post. These posts can fire people up. 

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking: “To heck with this guy, he’s probably a libertarian.” Well let me tell you, I deny any such claim. 

What I am is someone who has read a few too many tirades based off articles from the “Conservative Times” or “LIBERAL and Proud of It” pages.

Do yourself and your followers a favor and unfollow these types of political pages. 

These media outlets do nothing but push out articles that serve their agendas, while doing a great job of adding to the ongoing problem of political bias in our country.

 All this having been said, a rational and well-informed political post, especially when relevant, can be beneficial. 

Just keep in mind that anything political is bound to upset someone, so choose your words wisely.