The Other 1968

Madison Gott, Contributor

Take a journey to The Other 1968, a Roar Podcast Production like no other.

In this narrative, fiction podcast set in 1968, a man named Carl Laken makes one phone call that will change his entire life, sending him to an alternative universe — The Other 1968.

This podcast was written, directed and produced by Madison Gott. For more information and behind the scenes follow @theother1968 on Instagram.

Episode 1: Mack Attack
In this episode you will meet Laken, Calvin, and Mack and be introduced to an inter-dimensional adventure.

Episode 2: In the Dark
The twist and turns begin. Laken’s first day of work. A power outage. Creepy hotel. And Elevators. Lots of Elevators.

Episode 3: Internet Explorer
Mack has a house. Who knew? Also Laken… He is just a piece of work.

Episode 4: Calvin Takeover
Laken is missing, Mack is exhausted and ignoring life’s problems, and Calvin runs around the city. Oh, and there are more secrets.

Episode 5: Dija Get It?
Will the team make it out with memories in tact? Is Laken out of jail? Can Calvin and Mack help him escape the clutches of the D.H.H?

Episode 6: Deja Vu
The final episode.