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The Yonahian staff works hard each and every year to produce a yearbook to represent Piedmont University. Every year the book is completely different to represent another year at Piedmont. We use different themes, layouts and pictures to make each book unique and special. The staff strives to cover as many events as possible and get as many people in the yearbook as possible. We want to keep your memories safe.

We encourage students to get involved. The staff can use as much help as possible. Submit photos or come be a part of the process.

The Yonahian is free to all Piedmont students. We encourage everyone to pick up a yearbook at the end of each year during distribution. It is a great way to keep your Piedmont memories with you, where ever you may go in the future.

Piedmont teams up with Herff Jones to create the Yonahian every year. We use their online software called “eDesign,” which makes it easy for our staff to work from anywhere, and for students to contribute to the yearbook.

Help keep us up to date with Piedmont events by sending an email to an editor with information about any events that you’d like to be covered in the yearbook.

We hope to see your photos soon! Feel free to contact one of our editors by clicking their name below.


Sarah Bittner
Yearbook Editor in Chief

Nahomi Solorzano
Senior Editor

Caden Nelms
Senior Copy Editor

Rebeca Garcia
Copy Editor

Liz Carter

Ella Cain



Melissa Tingle, Ph.D.

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