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WPCZ is the student-run radio station of Piedmont University. Students studying mass communications are responsible for the station’s programming and upkeep. WPCZ is broadcast globally via the Internet, enabling WPCZ listeners around the world to enjoy their favorite programs.

Students from all majors at Piedmont University are encouraged and welcomed to join the radio club and hit the airwaves with their own shows.

Any student or faculty member can have a show on WPCZ. Show formats and content are at the discretion of each individual DJ – any combination of music and talk is acceptable. Station management asks that content remain appropriate for general audiences.

Interested in being a DJ or hosting your own show? Contact Station Manager, Brett Loftis, to find out more about how to host your own show.

Brett Loftis
WPCZ Station Manager

Madison Gott
Assistant Station Manager


Dr. Dale Van Cantfort


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