Bermuda Triangle


Photo // chocolatefather on Adobe Stock

Emma Marti, Editor-in-Chief

With a myriad of seemingly endless explanations, the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle has stunned the world for years. Many are familiar with this conspiracy. In case you are not aware, let’s break down this theory. 

The reason this triangle is infamous is because of the number of unexplained disappearances of airplanes and ships over the years. With 50 ships and 20 airplanes having disappeared in this location, the Bermuda Triangle has also earned itself the nickname of the Devil’s Triangle. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the three points to this triangle are located in Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. 

The Bermuda Triangle’s legacy dates back to the 19th century, when multiple abandoned ships were discovered and others never sent out any distress signals. It was almost as if something unnatural had occurred. In addition, multiple aircrafts have vanished when passing through this area, and their rescue tried to find these aircrafts, those vanished as well. With a mystery like the Bermuda Triangle, a number of conspiracy theories are bound to wash up. 

For various reasons, wormholes are cited as being one of the conspiracies behind the Bermuda Triangle. Even though they have not been proven to exist yet, conspiracy theorists see wormholes as one of the potential causes to the Bermuda Triangle. According to science fiction, wormholes are places where space and time come together to potentially allow for time travel. 

In the eyes of conspiracy theorists, this explains why the wreckage from ship or plane wrecks is never recovered. Since people are not actively aware time travel exists, in their opinions, there is no way to time travel in order to recover the wreckage or check for survivors. Conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans alike see wormholes as the explanation for what can easily be written off as a tragedy. 

Going back to one of the original conspiracy theories, aliens are also blamed for disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle region. When it comes to conspiracy theories, aliens are typically seen as an easy way out. If there is something that cannot be explained, people tend to place the blame on aliens. Whether or not they exist is not even considered, but if something is unexplained, it was most likely the doing of an alien, in the eyes of conspiracy theorists. 

The Bermuda Triangle is no different. Conspiracy theorists have suggested another reason no wreckage is found is due to aliens taking the planes or ships. Because people have not proved the existence of aliens, or found where they live if they do, there is no way to find the missing wreckage. 

While it is interesting to think these things were at play when tragedies occur, there may be a scientific explanation to this occurrence. 

Research has shown that these conspiracy theories are more than likely not to blame for the tragedies occurring in this region, instead these accidents could be the fault of geological factors. 

Fact or fiction, the Bermuda Triangle is a conspiracy that has stood against the test of time and continues to be relevant. Whether the lives lost in this region were due to a conspiracy or environmental factors, it is still tragic that lives were lost. When lives are lost, regardless if it is a conspiracy or not, respect should still be paid to the victim and their families.