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Piedmont University held their 5th Symposium on April 12th at the Demorest campus. In the commons gym, twenty-four students present their research posters to whomever takes interest in their topic as they walk up and down each row. PHOTO//Kelsey Skendziel
Piedmont Celebrates Student Research at Fifth Annual Symposium
Hannah Osborne, Editor-in-Chief • April 14, 2023

Piedmont University hosted its fifth annual Symposium Wednesday, April 12. Symposium is an event to highlight the research,...

As Dr. Joe Dennis moves to retire his title as adviser of The Roar, his students remember his impact PHOTO//Hannah Osborne
Ode to Joe
The Roar Staff May 3, 2023

Dr. Joe Dennis, more affectionately known by his students as simply Joe, or for fans of his disk-jockey career “Just Joe,” is, as John Mayer...

A Perspective on Unpaid Student Teaching Internships
A Perspective on Unpaid Student Teaching Internships
Samantha Carvallo and Hannah Osborne April 7, 2023

As college students progress further into their major studies, they are often presented with an internship opportunity as a way to build their...

Crowded parking lots on the Piedmont University campus continue to pose problems PHOTO//Madison Gott
Piedmont Needs More Student Parking at the Commons
Hailey Johnson and Jarrett Ray April 6, 2023

Piedmont has many parking problems, but the one that impacts students the most is the limited spaces for the Commons — the place we go to eat,...

Cole Elrod attacks a turn during the indoor 800m race at the Birmingham Crossplex PHOTO//Piedmont University Athletics
Sports Media: A Well-Rounded Experience
Connor Creedon, News and Features Editor • April 21, 2023

Immersing oneself in a sports environment has become increasingly more accessible and advanced as technology and time have evolved. There are...

Morgan Wallen’s third studio album “One Thing at a Time,” released Mar. 3, 2023 PHOTO//Big Loud Records
Morgan Wallen: "One Thing at a Time"
Hailey Johnson, Online and Social Media Editor • April 4, 2023

On Mar. 3, 2023, Morgan Wallen, an American country music artist, released his album “One Thing at a Time.” Back in 2014, Wallen was a...

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