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Against All Odds, Against All Comers: The Story of the 2021 Atlanta Braves
Against All Odds, Against All Comers: The Story of the 2021 Atlanta Braves
Eric Edmondson May 12, 2024

Against All Odds, Against All Comers: The Story of the 2021 Atlanta Braves is a one-shot podcast that takes you through the rollercoaster...

Student and faculty at the Spring 2024 Tri Alpha Honor Society induction ceremony.
Ensuring First-Gen Success: The Tri Alpha Club at Piedmont University
Lainey Pettit, Game Designer • May 2, 2024

Piedmont University prides itself on fostering an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive academically...

Senior Silas Sandles and Freshman Gretchen Dedolph pose together as the “bride and groom” of Piedmont’s Formal.
Frat Wedding Formal Puts a Ring on Spring Semester
Matt Kodrowski, News Editor • April 29, 2024

The initial reactions to Piedmont’s Campus Activity Board releasing the theme for this year’s formal were a combination of excitement and...

Shook’s truck is up and early, parked at the Mize Athletic Center.
The Lovely Sounds of Shook’s
Leandro Forero, Features Editor • April 29, 2024

You’re sleeping so peacefully in your bed, trying to get some rest before your classes start. Then you hear a loud buzzing sound, and you think...

What would happen if Piedmont University had a football team?
Football Team at Piedmont
Zane Brookshire, Staff Writer • April 29, 2024

Imagine waking up Saturday morning and getting ready for a Piedmont University football game. Students around the Piedmont campus will be repping...

Amanda Price guarding a player at Birmingham Southern University.
Amanda Price's Collegiate Soccer Journey
Silas Sandles, Contributing Writer • April 4, 2024

Amanda Price is a senior women’s soccer player at Piedmont University. She is from Newnan, Georgia, and has played soccer for 17 years. Being...

Metro Boomin posted the cover of WE DON’T TRUST YOU two days before its release
WE DON’T TRUST YOU: Big Three has Big Tea
Abbey Grace Venham, A&E Editor • April 30, 2024

If you know the big three, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot more surrounding We Don’t Trust You than tracks, features, and quality...

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