The Roar

Piedmont students present their research at the first ever Piedmont Symposium in 2019.
Piedmont Symposium 2021 Update
Savannah Richards, Contributing Writer • February 25, 2021

Due to increasingly strict COVID-19 restrictions on campus, the Piedmont symposium will be using a hybrid format to allow...

Even though sports are continuing this semester, it is not at all normal because Piedmont is banning any and all spectators from attending. // Photo by Peter F on Unsplash.
Life Isn’t Fair, But It Should Be
Rowan Edmonds , Multimedia Manager • February 21, 2021

The students and faculty of Piedmont College should see themselves lucky to get a spring semester in person, as Piedmont is very COVID-19 conscious....

Despite the addition of online counseling, Piedmont College is severely lacking in counseling services. // Photo by Christina on Unsplash.
Piedmont College Counseling Should Not be a One-Woman Job
Emma Marti, Opinions Editor • February 20, 2021

When counselor Evonne Jones left the Piedmont community a year ago, it sent shock waves through the college. Jones, who had been with Piedmont...

Printer Problems at Piedmont
Emma Marti, Opinions Editor • February 14, 2021

Students returning from winter break will notice a change to printing on campus. On Nov. 20, 2020, the IT Department announced that they were...

The Back Entrance into Bigg Daddys/ Photo/ Garrett Stafford
Garrett’s Review: Bigg Daddys Restaurant and Tavern 
Garrett Stafford, Features Editor • February 11, 2021

Beginning this journey of discovering all of the greatest hits around Piedmont, there is only one place that can kick off this review series:...

Chandler Drake and Jordan Hicks will be taking the lead roles in "Carousel" as Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan. // Photo from
Carousel Preview
Presley Field, Arts & Entertainment Editor • February 24, 2021

“Carousel” is Piedmont theatre’s first performance for the spring semester. “Carousel” encompasses a love story between Billy Bigelow...

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