By Kaitlin Norman
Contributing Writer

Can we just talk selfies for about 348 more words?
I want to start by saying thank you to all the people on my Instagram and Facebook that provide me with free entertainment every day
by posting selfies. Your confidence in your looks and body is a complete inspiration to me. I mean, I have even seen someone hashtag
themselves as being #modelstatus.
Before seeing that, I was under the impression that it was taboo to acknowledge that you were the hottest thing walking around even if it
was true.
But you know, who needs humility? It’s a thing of the past.
Also, I appreciate all the selfies that include you wearing just a sports bra to show off your six pack, biceps, triceps, deltoids, etc. in order
to motivate me to go to the gym. I know for a fact that my boyfriend appreciates those kinds of pics also, so thanks for killing two birds
with one stone by making my boyfriend happy and motivating me.
Besides the motivation, I am thankful for the daily laughter.
Do you want an example? Okay, here it is; this is not made up. Imagine this: a selfie picture with the caption “My #WCW for this week
is me!”. The funny part isn’t the fact that the person is bold enough to crush on themselves on social media but rather this “woman crush
Wednesday” post was posted on Thursday. I laughed so hard.
I really needed that laugh and confidence booster since I thought I was the only dumb person on this planet.
I do have a question though. When you take a selfie with your dog, do you actually want me to look at the dog or look at your tits that are
hanging out of your shirt?
I can’t really be mad at my boyfriend when I show him the cute dog in the pic to which he responds, “Wow, look at the set that girl has!”
So much for the dog. All I ask is that maybe you wear a cami under your shirt or better yet, step out of the picture.
It must be hard being as perfect as half of the people on Facebook and Instgram, but at least those people are willing to expose us
imperfect people to their good looks. Y’all are the best. Well thanks for letting me chit-chat about selfies, but I got to go workout so I can
post my why-bother-wearing-clothes-but-it’s-okay-cause-I’m-motivating-others selfie (I don’t have the rack or the dog to do the cute dog
selfie, bummer).