Piedmont presents speed dating


Staff Writer

Piedmont College is going all out this Valentine’s Day, but not for who you may think. This year, Piedmont College is hosting a date night for singles. All singles are asked to go to the student center Friday night at 6 p.m. to attend 15 rounds of speed dating.

If that’s not exciting enough, the television network TLC will be taping the event for a new fall season line-up of shows. They are doing a reality show called “Desperate and Lonely,” and will pick one man and one woman from this speed dating event to star in their show. 

Ladies, slap on those six-inch heels and guys, wash your hair, because you are in for a treat. Each single lady will be assigned a table, and the single men must rotate to each table for five-minute increments. At the end of the night, each lady will pick her date of choice. 

Just to be fair, if there are singles at the end of the night who didn’t quite make the love connection, they will be assigned to a partner. 

Everyone who participates, and participation is mandatory, will receive a ten dollar gift card to Subway and picture of a bouquet of roses.

Since Valentine’s Day takes place on a Friday, Piedmont has decided to stretch the holiday to make it last the entire weekend. Students who are paired on Friday night will be expected to use their gift cards that night with their new partner. Students must spend a minimum of four hours together on a date. 

If, for some reason, the date doesn’t work out, Saturday is a new day. Students can go back to the student center and request a new companion. The judges will then review the request and decide if the date was bad enough to replace. If chosen, the student will get a new date. 

Students will then receive a ten dollar gift card to Bojangles and a picture of a box of chocolates. Piedmont is expecting everyone on campus to be in a relationship by the end of this event, and to declare that relationship on Facebook. 

Enjoy your Friday night guys, because it just got real at Piedmont College.