Dust in the Wind

Written by: Kathleen Robinson


If you’re like me, you take a lot of pride in your vehicle. Whether it’s as old as you are or brand spankin’ new, I bet you take really good care of it because it’s yours. I drive a little old Ford Focus, and it’s my baby. I want it to work properly, not make scary noises. I want it to smell nice, and I want it to stay clean. That’s why since school started, I’ve had to fight back the urge to yell as I pull through the four-way stop at Georgia Street and hear the crunching of hunks of gravel under my tires. It’s beautiful outside, and I don’t even want to roll my windows down because of the cloud of dirt-smoke that blows up anytime I drive past the old Grill, may it rest in peace. I’ve considered driving all the way around campus to get to places like the Swanson Center, but I end up grinning and bearing it across the gravel traps in front of Wallace and Purcell. My car is covered in dust. So is yours. I’m tempted to write funny things on everyone’s windshields because they would be so easy to see. Don’t worry, I won’t. And if you have something written on your car, it wasn’t me, I swear. 

I understand that construction is messy and that it takes time. I think we’re all being very patient as we walk/try not to fall over gravel and pause while giant equipment passes by. It’s simply become very difficult to remain tolerant when I can’t help but worry that my car is in desperate need of re-alignment and a serious bath, all because of construction for a beautiful student center that I won’t even see come to fruition. Is it fair that I will have to spend my money to fix car issues that wouldn’t exist if I didn’t drive on campus? I don’t think so. My solution? A giant car-sized sprinkler and free tires for everyone! Okay, maybe that’s a little outlandish. A school-sponsored car wash, perhaps? We see them happening all the time as fundraisers for local schools. There are plenty of self-service car washes in the area – how about some coupons? Sure, it would only be temporary, but it would be a start. Otherwise, somebody should just take it upon themselves to try and draw Starry Night on their rear windshield. Art department, I’m looking at you.