Self-Acceptance is Key


As many positive aspects there are for social media, there are negative aspects as well. PHOTO // Christopher Ott on Unsplash.

Caden Nelms, Video Cheif

We all do it. We only post our “good” pictures on social media for everyone to see. What is the true definition of “good?” According to, good is defined as “morally excellent.” However, society has created a stigma for this word to mean “pleasing to see” or “perfect.” What everyone sees in our most recent Instagram post are our shiny exteriors–nice makeup, perfect skin, nice clothes or a carefree smile. The internet doesn’t see the depression, anxiety, stress or you telling yourself you are not good enough. They don’t see you fighting with yourself on whether to post this picture with the caption “Living life to its full potential.” 


Instead, everyone is seeing this picture you have probably retaken 1,000 times. The picture that is defined by society as “good.” People are looking at this picture and thinking, “Wow, I wish I had a ‘normal’ life like this person.” In reality, you are probably saying the same thing about their most recent Instagram post. 


These instantaneous thoughts that we have daily can harm us. We begin to dwell on ourselves and how we are not as good as everyone. We cannot compare ourselves with others, it is self-destructive. Every body is made differently, we are not meant to look or act the same, that would make for a boring world.


Instead, we must embrace ourselves for who we are. Be proud of your body, voice, personality. Be proud of your uniqueness, there is only one of you. As cliche as it sounds, live your one unique life to the fullest. Ignore society’s absurd expectations, post all the pictures that you want. Open yourself up, be brutally honest to everyone wishing they were you. Your life isn’t perfect, and neither is theirs. Everyone is battling something different, so why would you want to be someone else and have to deal with their battles?


Self-acceptance is key to living an honest, judgment-free, confident life on the internet.