Is Graduation Worth It?


Julia Nichols, Contributing Writer

This past spring, students experienced a semester like never before. Students got sent home months early and the way that they learn changed forever. All over the world, students experienced the same thing. At Piedmont, we were sent home and plans changed for many students. Internships were canceled, capstones had to change and the culmination of most students’ undergraduate experience was taken from them. These are the goodbyes and thank yous to friends and professors that many students look forward to giving.


Even though the college pushed the spring semester graduation to the end of the summer, many students did not attend. On Aug. 28, 2020, Piedmont College announced that graduation was postponed until further notice, frustrating many seniors who are graduating this December. After two weeks of worrying over a graduation ceremony that may not happen, the college announced that graduation would take place on Dec. 11, but without guests being able to attend. 


As someone who wanted to celebrate this accomplishment with my family and friends, this announcement has made me question if attending graduation is worth my time. My family, the ones who have supported and guided me through this stressful time, cannot be there to celebrate this major accomplishment with me. A live stream cannot replace the fact that they won’t be with me face-to-face at graduation. My friends, who have supported me with runs to Chipotle and joining new clubs with me, will not be there with me to say goodbye to my college experience.


These are my people, and I will not have the opportunity to have the final hurray with them because our semester is being cut short. Piedmont is making me question if I should attend a ceremony to celebrate my, and my peers’, achievements when I can easily have my diploma shipped to my house.