Textbook Tuition is Just What We Need


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The textbook proposal is a simple and convenient way for every student to walk into their classes with their course books and acquire them easily without the hassle. Everything in this proposal sounds perfect for those students who need textbooks for their courses, the problem that most Piedmont students have is the proposed annual fee for rental textbooks, which would be an additional $600 to the college’s tuition. Some students find better textbook prices online than in the Piedmont College bookstore.

I know that this plan might seem outlandish at first, but it could bring benefits to students who need to acquire textbooks for their courses. I believe we need to consider this opportunity for the greater good of our education, and we need to invest in our studies.

I understand that the plan might be expensive, but it could be reduced by college changing most of their traditional books to e-books, or the college could create a textbook plan that would allow students to choose a book plan that works comfortably for them. I’m just throwing out ideas for the proposal that might work better for the student body and the college’s faulty and bookstore.

I believe we need this proposal to allow students to get the textbooks they need with an easier, more convenient process. This proposal would give us the opportunity to get our textbooks at a flat rate and have access to them without hesitation.

Remember that the proposal is in its beginning stages. It could change and create a better plan that can work for students. I don’t think we need to walk out on this just yet, because this will make a difference for students.