When I was a freshman, I did not know what League of Lions was. It seems to be this logo that you would see everywhere on campus, but not many students knew much about it. At most, students would know that “LOL” holds the auctions that take place each semester, where students can bid on prizes with the points that they earn from going to the Fitness Center or attending certain events on campus.

During my freshman year, I attended a lot of meetings for clubs, but I was having trouble finding a place where I fit. When I returned to Piedmont as a sophomore, one of my goals was not only to become more involved on campus, but to find something that I wanted to actively and consistently be involved in. I wanted to put myself out there more and be remembered when I walked into the next meeting. I wanted to find my own place.

League of Lions became the outlet that I needed. Within the first few meetings of the Fall 2017 semester, I was elected Secretary on the executive board after giving a pitch to the returning and new members.

After joining LOL and becoming an officer, I realized that the organization is much more than auctions and points. League of Lions is meant to bring more awareness to the events happening at Piedmont College by teaming up with other clubs and organizations, working with the surrounding community and spreading a positive spirit across our college that helps make our students proud to be PC Lions.

Alongside President Alena Hanson, Vice President Kanler Cumbass, our hardworking representatives and adviser Mark Jestel, I have been working to help LOL grow.

League of Lions has given me opportunities I didn’t know I could take at Piedmont, as well as strengthened my leadership, teambuilding and communication skills. It has also given me a healthy sense of responsibility outside of the classroom.

Ideas are voiced at meetings and brought to life with the collaboration of our excellent team, Res Life, the various departments on the Demorest campus and the north Georgia community.

It is always rewarding to see something that started out as a mere thought come to fruition. For this spring semester, LOL is working towards bringing more fun and positive change to Piedmont College, so we hope you will join us for the ride.

If you are interested in LOL and making an impact on Piedmont College that will last for years to come, public meetings take place every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Irvin Conference Room upstairs in the Student Commons.

I am excited for what we have in store.