Tips from a tutor: ways to study for biology

KYNDAL GOSS Contributing writer

Biology is one of those subjects that people either love or hate. Whichever one of those people you are, I try my best as a tutor to help you in the best way possible.

Biological topics that are covered on such a small scale, which you can’t see with the naked eye, can make the concepts a little difficult to grasp. One of the best ways that helps me study for any biology class is to watch animated videos online

Looking at pictures in the textbook is great, however, it is easy to forget that these processes are constantly in a simultaneous sequence rather than just stationary. By watching animations, it is easier to see what is actually happening in relation to what you’re learning about. One YouTube channel called Crash Course has been very helpful to me.

Another way to make better sense of a concept is to make a connection between a concept and a real life example. Seeing a tutor and talking it out can really help with this, so if you’re struggling, make an appointment with me or another biology tutor to help.