Staff Editorial: Vote or Else…

MARK TATUM Sports Editor

For many students at Piedmont, this election will be the first opportunity they’ve had to vote. For different reasons, millennials have recently become less involved in the voting process. To me, that’s crazy.

This should be an exciting time right now. Sure, the two representatives from the Democratic and Republican Party have been underwhelming in their developing trust with their audience. Both candidates seem to be surrounding controversy these days. Still, there isn’t a better way of letting your voice be heard as citizens in our political system. Just as you’ve been told since you were young kids, voting is an important right that we have a duty to exercise.

To this day, there are many governments around the world that do not give citizens any involvement in electing officials. You have the opportunity to help select our government leaders. We have a chance to make a difference in the world. Students believe that their vote in the upcoming election isn’t going to make a difference.

Sometime in the next four years, you may be getting a job, owning or renting your own housing, getting married, starting a family, paying for health care or building a business. The policies that you vote on this year could have an impact on your life after college. Believe it or not, the youth vote could help sway the election. Even voting for a third party candidate can have an impact. Sure, we’ve had candidates such as Ralph Nader in the past that have no chance of winning but a great chance to steal votes. By voting you are not only doing your part to influence the present, you are also affecting the future.

Demonstrating this point well is the fact that the president selects U.S. Supreme Court Justices for lifetime appointments. WThese judicial officials may exert powerful influence for decades to come. Voting can be a way of showing respect to those who helped us secure these rights. Let’s face it – technology has made our generation lazy. Being more politically active could be a step in the right direction for someone who is trying to show maturity. It shows others that you are taking it seriously, but the main one who should be concerned is you.

Most of all – as a college student, you should be thinking for yourself. Making up your own mind on decisions, judgments and beliefs as you are completing your degree. Right now, young people are struggling in the wake of the economic downturn. Even if these candidates are not the most physically appealing or humble in personality, we should at least try to get to know them.