Fulfilling My Bucket List


Everyone has a bucket list- things that they want to do, places they want to go and people they want to meet. How many times have you said, “I’ll take that trip when I save more money,” or, “I’ll start a new hobby when I have more time”? Well, chances are, you’ve said them a lot, but more often than not, we never really get around to doing those things that we always wanted to because life gets in the way. We have to focus on school or keep up with a job, so those desires that we once had get pushed out of focus.

At 21-years-old, I have a long list of things I want to do, but haven’t been able to yet because of a lack of resources or lack of ability. Some things I don’t have enough money for while others are so far out of my comfort zone that I haven’t been able to talk myself into them just yet.

Most of my list is centered around travelling and doing or seeing certain things in those places. Some of those things include seeing a Broadway show in New York City, visiting The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, seeing the Great Wall of China, shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and so much more. All of these places that I would love to go cost a significant amount of money that I don’t have right now, so whether I want them to or not, they’re going to have to wait.

Some much more attainable things on my bucket list that I haven’t gotten to yet are to swim with dolphins, go to a drive-in movie, learn to play an instrument, adopt a puppy and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are reasons why I haven’t been able to check these off my bucket list either. For starters, I’m honestly a little scared to swim with dolphins because they’re an unfamiliar animal that I’m not sure I can trust. As far as a drive-in movie, I’m not sure where I could even find one. I don’t have the time to dedicate to learning an instrument and I can’t have a puppy because, well, I live in a dorm and that’s not exactly ideal for a pet.

Those reasons and many more are exactly why bucket lists rarely get fulfilled. I hope that before I’m no longer able, I get to go out and do all these things that I wish I could right now. I believe it’s important to remember the things that excite you and make you reach out of your comfort zone because they’re what keeps life exciting. Although I won’t be hopping on a plane tomorrow, I have promised myself to make these things happen and I hope that you’ll make that promise to yourself as well.