This Is Us Review


Season 5 of This Is Us tries to restore some hope and something to look forward to as the season unfolds.

Presley Field, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the fall season and cooler weather rolls in, the entertainment industry also kicks into gear. With all the fall dramas to watch, one show brings everyone together to enjoy the multidimensional, the Pearson family story. 


After what seems to be one of the longest years in recent memory, “This Is Us” season 5 debuted the first episode on Oct. 27. The main concern viewers had with the upcoming season was how the show would tackle COVID-19 and the events that took place this summer. 


Throughout the past four seasons of the show, the timelines change to where viewers may watch something in the past decades or from something in the present day. The present day timeline follows the “big three” Pearson kids as adults and Season 5 was altered due to the real life events happening.


Season 5 tackles the challenges around living life during the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests during the summer sparked by the killing of George Floyd. However, those issues and challenges do not overtake the main story and the dynamics of the characters. 


As this season continues to unfold, viewers will learn more about how Kate and Toby manage their blind child amidst other issues. Viewers will also learn more about the events following Kevin and Randall’s falling out and the way they continue to deal with the harsh words that were said to each other. Rebecca will also continue to battle her oncoming Alzheimer’s disease. 


There are a few key things that will be at the forefront of this new season. One question viewers have is will Rebecca go to St. Louis for the clinical trial. If the pandemic is put in place in the present day storyline, that could be a possible issue for Rebecca. Another key aspect is knowing more about Beth and Randall’s kids, Tess, Annie, and adopted daughter Deja. After the last couple seasons, they have shown small clips of the future with Tess and many viewers are curious as to what has happened with her.


Amidst these times, “This Is Us” intends to provide a sense of hope and something to look forward to with season 5. Most people who have watched this show or intend to watch this show, will more than likely fall in love with the characters. If there is any drama to binge watch or get started, it’s “This Is Us.” All four seasons as well as the new episodes are available on Hulu.