Campus Activities Board Keeps Students Connected Via Virtual Events

Campus Activities Board Keeps Students Connected Via Virtual Events

Written by Nicole Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

The Campus Activities Board is helping students stay connected by offering virtual events. Some of the virtual events CAB hosted were Family Feud on March 24 and Open Mic Night on April 2. 

CAB and Campus Recreation and Wellness also hosted a Step Challenge, which was a competition for students, faculty and staff to take the most steps, as well as Mindful Monday, where students could watch guided meditation, yoga and dancing videos. CAB and Res Life also had movie nights for students.  Some of the movies that students could watch were “Charlie’s Angels,” “Last Christmas,” “Knives Out” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” Students can hunker down in their blanket forts and attend future movie nights by visiting the Res. Life Cinemas website, which is featured in the “Living like a Lion” weekly emails.

“We decided to have virtual events to offer students a way to still connect and engage with each other outside of the classroom,” said Zac Moore, Coordinator of Student Activities, Organizations and Greek Life.  “Even though we are not face-to-face for the rest of the semester, we are still all Piedmont Lions.” 

CAB will have virtual events throughout the rest of the semester including game nights, movie nights and some active & wellness events. CAB is currently having their DIY Contest. Students can email a picture of their DIY Project to Moore at [email protected] by April 27th.  They are also encouraged to post a picture of their DIY project on the Piedmont App and Instagram using the hashtag #piedmontdiy and tag @piedmontcab.  The participant with the best DIY will receive a prize.