Student vandals strike area near amphitheater

By Megan Studdard

News Editor

Alcohol was involved in an act of student vandalism on campus last Sunday. 

The vandals targeted the area directly across from the Arrendale Amphitheater, busting out several streetlights and a window in the restroom facility. 

According to chief of campus police Dick Martin, the students destroyed six to eight telephone pole lights with rocks. Three small lights around the pathway to the restrooms were broken as well. 

“They took rocks and smashed the PVC that the cables are inside and tried to cut the cables with the rocks,” said Martin. 

He also said the students were initially caught with two other Piedmont students on a public street by Demorest Police for a disturbance unconnected to the vandalism incident. A Demorest Police officer determined that the  four students had been drinking and called Campus Police. 

“Demorest Police asked them if they wanted to go to jail or stay with us,” said Martin. The students opted to stay in the holding cell overnight. 

“I’m not sure we can call it an alcohol violation because it wasn’t on campus,” said Martin. 

It was later determined that these students were connected to the vandalism incident.  

Martin said students should report any vandalism to campus police immediately. 

“Money is tight, so when something gets broken, we all have to suffer looking at it being broken for awhile until [the school] can come up with the funds to fix it,” said Martin. “It behooves all of us to keep the campus looking nice.”

The vandals had a student judicial hearing on Thursday. It is unknown what sanctions they will face.