How Social Media Improves My Mental Health


In October 2018, I started a Facebook page called Positivity Piedmont and in the beginning of this school year, I created an Instagram page for it: @positivity_piedmont.  Tatiana Burkett, Piedmont College alumna, was a Community Liaison Representative of the Student Government in the fall semester of 2017. She created #PositivityPiedmont with Kensley Brown, another Piedmont College alumna.  When Burkett created this hashtag with Brown, they were both on the public relations committee for Student Government.  

“I thought of it because all that I heard most of the time was all this negative stuff, and I thought we needed to show more positivity towards the school that we all choose to attend,” Burkett said.  

Their hashtag has helped create a more positive environment at Piedmont College, and as a senior, I wanted to help spread that positivity. I started a Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to it; I realized how many positive things were happening at Piedmont throughout my time as a student here. I wanted to document the positive things happening here, so more students and faculty could see it.  Posts on Positivity Piedmont include reporting events from Campus Activities Board, Student Activities and Wellness, Residential Life and Piedmont athletics.

Thomas’ @positivity_piedmont social media page has made quite the splash on Piedmont’s student community, with 157 followers on Instagram and counting. PHOTO / Nicole Thomas

Managing Positivity Piedmont has been a positive influence on my life and mental health.  I’m more mindful of good things happening around me, which has made me a more appreciative person.  It has also contributed to a more enjoyable college experience; it makes me look forward to events happening on campus (even more than I already did) and posting the pictures I take.

I want my Positivity Piedmont Facebook and Instagram pages to let people know how much I appreciate everything they do that helps make Piedmont a wonderful place.