Northern Rescue: A Must-See Netflix Original


Northern Rescue, a drama show, which Allison Cacich said in the article There’s a Good Chance Netflix’s ‘Northern Rescue’ Will Return for a Second Season, was filmed in Ontario and released to Netflix viewers on March 1st as a Netflix Original show.

The show focuses on Maddie West, a rebellious teenager played by Amalia Williamson, Scout West, (Spencer Macpherson) Maddie’s athletic younger brother, Taylor West, (Taylor Thorne) the youngest child of the family who strives to be a perfectionist, their father John West (William Baldwin) who is a search and rescue commander, and Aunt Charlie (Kathleen Robertson) as they cope with the loss of Sarah West, (Michelle Nolden) the mom of the children. After the tragedy of Sarah’s death, Maddie’s family moves to live with their Aunt Charlie who is their mom’s sister.  The setting is exciting as Aunt Charlie lives in an aquarium at Turtle Bay.

The production elements including script, costumes, character development and scenery only make the show more compelling.  Northern Rescue’s scenery is vital to the show as there are intense and exciting scenes where John West, the search and rescue commander, saves people in the wilderness.  The outfits also contribute to establishing the personality of the character. The most prominent example is Maddie West’s outfit which normally consists of fishnets with a tank top and leather jacket.

All of the actors are phenomenal which makes the characters very believable.  Maddie West is also the narrator. This creates a stronger plot as we get to see how she views the events happening around her.

Viewers of this show feel a range of emotions as different scenes unfold. Although there is a lot of drama within the West family, there is also very strong character development.  The family grows closer to each other as they lean on one another for support.

Finally, Northern Rescue ends with a shocking cliffhanger leaving viewers heartbroken for its characters, but also eager wanting to know what will happen.