This might be an unpopular opinion, but winter is one of my favorite times of the year. But, it is not just about the sense of coziness that none of the other seasons have or the necessity to sip on your favorite hot beverage and watch a movie with all of your friends. It also is when all my favorite clothing items come back into trend. This winter has brought lots of fun and different fashion choices.

Sweaters will never fade away from winter clothing, and this year’s big chunky knit sweaters have been in style. Often these sweaters would come in earthy tones, such as burgundy or olive, or grays and black. The most popular kind seem to be the ones that are a bit too long to be a shirt but too short to be a dress. Pair them with jeans or a pair of leggings and a pair of boots, and you are winter ready.

Another popular choice people have chosen to be warm and comfortable are cardigans. Cardigans have been seen everywhere, whether short or long. People cannot seem to get enough. Any store that you might hit up this season will also reflect this trend. There are so many colors from wine red to a more neutral shade of crème. This winter favorite has been seen paired with cute tops and dark jeans.

Hats are always key for winter, and my personal favorite style are beanies. Many people this year have worn beanies with little pom poms on top. These beanies are often worn when the temperatures have dropped well below freezing and are often paired with infinity scarves and pea coats.

When it is time to dress up, velvet dresses have come back to shine. The choker design is still popular, as well as shift dresses. Remember to throw on a pair of solid color leggings and nice jacket, and you are ready to shine.

As for shoes, it’s boots, boots, boots! Whether you are male or female, boots are in this season. We have seen knee-high reaching velvet pairs to lace up ankle boots. The most popular choices for boots are tall saddle style boots and combat boots. This fashion must-have has people looking super nice, while helping them stay dry in all this winter weather. I highly recommend you grab you are pair, as we continue into this icy season.

Thankfully the weather has allowed for us to wear our favorite sweaters and cozy clothes and while I have very much enjoyed winter, I am looking forward to a beautiful warm spring.