Students react to amended visitation policies


Staff Writer

Piedmont amended its visitation hours a week ago to
10 a.m-2 a.m. Students fought long and hard for this change and were excited when the board decided to amend this policy. 

Many changes have come from this amendment. Student desk worker hours have expanded, opening up more jobs for students across campus.  

Along with these new hours also came a new challenge for the Resident Life staff doing rounds at night. According to Drew Davis, the staff has embraced the new hours and knows that the students fought hard for this.

The staff has created a system, and they do rounds on certain nights.

Davis said, “These new hours call for more communication between roommates and suitemates, especially freshman who share a room.” 

Although it is early to say, Davis said that there have not been any problems thus far. 

James McMillian, a sophomore, said, “Students broke the curfew rule before the new hours, and they will continue to break it. They just need to get rid of curfew all together.

“The reason people don’t act like adults here is because we aren’t treated like adults.”

The hours were once amended before in Mayflower a few years ago. 

The amendment was removed, however, when students abused this new rule. There were many complaints of noise and not properly signing in guests. 

Freshman Samantha Gibson said, “I’m glad that Piedmont is lengthening the curfew hours. Now we need to work on getting rid of a curfew all together.”