2012 Georgia Author of the Year visits Piedmont


Staff Writer

On Thurs., Oct. 15, Piedmont College was visited by the brilliant and witty Alice Friman. 

At 81-years-old, Friman has published six volumes of poetry, won Georgia Author of the year for poetry in 2012 and was featured in The Best American Poetry Magazine in 2009. 

When she came on stage in the Swanson Center Screening Room, she read a very moving poem about life and completely captured the audience. When she finished, she asked the audience if they had ever been to a poetry reading. 

A few students raised their hands, and she responded that they should consider for life in general, and not just this poetry reading, to not worry about life so much and “just float along.” 

Throughout the reading, Friman presented 15 different poems that aligned with various topics, including love, motherhood, life and death. 

She was extremely witty and fun as she transitioned from each poem, letting the listeners learn more about her. She was so lively and had a very strong stage presence. 

For more of Friman’s poems, readers can purchase her book of poetry entitled “The View from Saturn.”