Piedmont Gathers in Mourning


Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

On Fri., Sept. 25, rain trickled as Piedmont students, faculty and staff made their way to Jenkins Lobby in the basement of Daniel Hall to mourn the loss of a beloved Piedmont staff member, Deborah “Mrs. Deb” Cole Baker. 

“This was her second home. I mean she just loved you all, everyone here at Piedmont,” said Alexis Baker, “Mrs. Deb’s” daughter. 

Chaplain Ashley Cleere led the memorial service. While reading a passage from the book of Matthew in the Bible, Cleere said she felt like she could hear Baker saying the words. 

Then, she opened the floor for Piedmont’s students, faculty and staff to share their memories of Baker. Person after person made his or her way up and shared how Baker impacted campus life. 

Tears filled the eyes of Baker’s friends, family and the students she served every day. 

The service ended with senior music major Storm Tipton performing “Jeremiah’s Prayer” and a benediction read by student leaders. 

“It means a lot to me that you all loved her so much,” said Alexis Baker.