PC PLANS New Music conservatory [VIDEO]



Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

Now that the new Student Commons building is completed, Piedmont College is preparing to embark on a new project: The Conservatory of Music. According to President James Mellichamp, the $10.4 million building could be completed within three years. 

“The idea of a new music department is great. We have very little space, and we just keep growing,” said senior music major Jessie Bee. 

“Every other academic program on campus has fairly new or remodeled facilities except the department of music,” said Mellichamp. “I felt obligated to try and take care of everybody else first before I turned to my own area of interest.”

Before Mellichamp was president of Piedmont College, he spoke to the former president of the college, Ray Cleere, about creating a new music conservatory. Now, with the board behind Mellichamp, Piedmont is ready to begin fund raising, where the school plans to raise 100 percent of the funds. As of right now, $3 million have already been raised. 

“Between the foundations and the number of good friends of the college, we are hopeful we can pull together the remaining $7 million,” said Mellichamp.

Right now, the school is looking to place the conservatory where the amphitheater parking lot currently sits. To make up for the loss of parking, however, the school would have to clear the land just across the street from the location for a new lot. 

“There is not really an appropriate space for the wind ensemble to rehearse in at this time,” said Mellichamp. “The emphasis with the conservatory project will be on instructional rehearsal space, so offices and studios for the faculty to teach in.” 

However, some students disagree with this project.

“I feel that there are other organizations represented on campus that could benefit from the use of the resources that will be used for the music building. Now, it only benefits one group of people on campus,” said senior education major Christi Spence. 

“I feel like it is good we are getting a new music building, but I feel like all of that money should not just go towards that. There are other things that money could be put towards,” said senior nursing major Mary-Kate Rushton. 

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