Editorial: Re-adjusting to second semester

Staff Writer

Coming back to school for a second semester has been a transition for everyone. Even though students already know where most things are and what is happening, they can still get nervous about the uncertainty the new semester holds. Moving anywhere for the first time can be scary, but you eventually get used to the swing of things. However, when you come back for another semester, especially after a long break, things can feel rocky at first. You have a new schedule, new routine and new classes to get used to. It’s nearly impossible to be able to just jump back in to where you were before you left.

People get stressed for numerous reasons: school, financial problems, family, friends all contribute fully to this stress. Getman-Babcock resident assistant junior psychology major Sloane Day said, and here’s what she had to say, “It’s stressful coming back because you have to get used to something new.”
There are many ways you can get over the uneasiness of coming back this semester.
Sloane said, “Shopping is my all time stress reliever, or even reading books.”
Another student, Leighann Crump, a senior psychology major, said, “Preparing yourself is the only way to become more at ease with coming back to college.” Another way is to catch up with old friends to help you prepare coming back to college.”

So, in the first month or so of coming back to school and dealing with new things, remember that the stress won’t last. Things will eventually get better and easier. If you are feeling nervous or mad because things are not coming out as you planned, relax and talk to your friends or family. Make plans to go be active and relieve your stress, or even talking to a good friend or relative can help. College is a weird time for young adults, and the longer you’re here, the easier it becomes to accept that. You have to deal with what this new semester brings you, and take things one day at a time.