SGA Update

By Manyi Eno
News Editor

The Student Government Association held their first meeting of the semester on August 19, 2014.

The topics discussed include:
• 2014/15 Bylaws: The senate temporarily adopted the 2013/14 bylaws for the purpose of conducting business
in this meeting. Permanent bylaws will be revisited after freshmen elections so the new senators can have input.
•Elections: Freshmen and junior elections will be Sept. 2-3. Elections packets are due back by 5 p.m. Friday,
Sept. 29.
•Appointment: Jennifer Pitt and Kaitlin Norman were appointed by the President to serve in the same
positions held last year (Arts Rep and Athletic Rep, respectively) and confirmed by the senate.
•Records Storage: The senate approved the creation of a google cloud drive for records storage.
•Events on Campus: The senate discussed possible events to host on campus, such as cookouts at the beach
VB court and a monthly dorm room interior design contest. Topic never progresses beyond discussion; no
proposal was presented. VP Josh McGowan to bring a proposal to floor in next meeting.
•Student Outreach: Augusta Gailey was selected as the chair of the Outreach Committee.
•Music Department. Vending Machine Proposal: Jennifer Pitt brought a proposal to request a vending
machine in the music department. The proposal passed unanimously.