STAFF EDITORIAL: Athens, it’s been real

Living/Athens Editor

My dearest Athens, being the editor for the Athens section of the Navigator this year has offered me invaluable insight onto your campus and its events. I had no idea that the Athens campus was such a community of vibrant and loving people. I am impressed.
As a student from the Demorest campus, I always thought of Athens as a random place full of people that nobody knew. After getting to know all of you guys, I realize how much heart and soul the Athens campus has.
Your student events this year have been impressive to say the least. Seeing the content for each issue has been absolutely incredible. You guys have so much going on for being a small, commuter campus. That app blew my mind.
I know that on the Demorest campus, our administration is open to hearing our ideas for student events, and it seems as though you have the same luxury on the Athens campus.
This is an amazing opportunity to be able to communicate with people and tell them what you feel could be different or better. Please take advantage of this.
I wanted to write to you all and let you know what an honor it was to serve as the bridge between Athens and Demorest this year. It was nice to glimpse into your lives, and see how we really are all one campus. I am excited for what lies ahead for Athens.