Is stress triggering your Allergies?

Living/Athens Editor

Spring season has arrived, and for most people that means one thing: allergies.
However, a new study from the Journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology shows an association between high levels of stress and allergy flares.
The study suggests that allergy symptoms can be heightened by unusual amounts of stress.
With pollen in the air and finals right around the corner, we are all subject to catch the spring time blues.
There are a few easy ways to help stop your allergies from impeding your daily life.
Police pollen. Check the National Allergy Bureau’s website for a daily ranking of allergens, including seasonal and try to stay indoors when levels are high. The less you come in contact with these organisms, the better you will feel.
Rinse yourself off at night. Even if you prefer to take showers in the morning, rinsing off at night can get all the pollen off and help you sleep better. Our bodies naturally absorb pollen throughout the day. It is important to get all of it out of your pores so you don’t breathe it in while you sleep.

Relax. Take time each day to meditate or just lay down and have time for yourself. If you are less stressed, you will be less likely to have an increased reaction to allergies. When your body is stressed, you leave yourself more vulnerable to infection.

Take care of your body. Along with de-stressing, you also need to make sure you are keeping yourself healthy in a general sense. Be sure to stay hydrated, and take any medicine recommended by your doctor. Try a saline sinus rinse, found at any drugstore, to help clear out your nasal passages and help you breathe a lot better. There are also many other over the counter medications you could try to keep your allergies from getting the best of you.
Keep your environment clean. Dust mites thrive in areas that are warm. Try keeping your room cool and dusting often to get rid of any unwanted allergen agitators. Also, be sure to change your sheets and bedding often.
Spring is a season that should be enjoyed. Don’t let your allergies keep you from going out and doing what you enjoy.
Be sure to consult your doctor if you allergies persist, and remember that your first visit to Prime Care is free with your Piedmont student ID.