Stupid Bowl

Contributing Writer


 The Super Bowl is an event showcasing the brute strength, lightning agility and tactical planning of some of the most talented men in the sports world. When you imagine this arena of extraordinary skills, you would imagine being entertained correct? Well this most recent fanatic’s fantasy turned out to be more like a football ‘fiasco.

 We can all imagine what’s happening in Washington after this February 2 faithful events in the world of professional football. The Sea Hawks of Seattle are surely soaring high after their massacre of the Denver’s Broncos. It was an astounding 43 to 8 win for the Sea Hawks after a brutal and truthfully embarrassing game where the Broncos only managed to score a touchdown after the half time show. Perhaps the performing artist Bruno Mars bolstered the Broncos vigor a tad after his very vibrant singing. 

Now I’m no expert in football, but how can a game between two teams that seem to be so evenly matched turn out looking like my high school football program went against the Sea Hawks? According to CBS News, the Broncos are highest scoring offense team in league history yet Seattle trounced them every time they had the ball. The Sea Hawks prove the old saying to be true where perhaps “the best offense is a good defense.” 

For anyone who missed the game, the only entertainment value you truly missed was the classic television ads and the pure enjoyment that comes from seeing someone so epically beat in a worldwide event that it brings a smile to your face, unless you’re a Broncos fan of course.