Athens Editorial: Due for a Facelift


Staff Writer

A walk through the Athens campus main building is nostalgic. It really takes you back to another time. For me, it’s the ‘90s. 

What brings me back most of all is the computer lab. You would never believe it’s 2013 while you are in there. As I sit down to use one of the computers, I can’t help but recall the fun I used to have in the computer lab at my old elementary school. 

I always get extra comfortable, because obviously I enjoy being comfortable, but more importantly because I know that I’m going to be sitting there for a while. 

The other day, it took me 30 minutes to print out a study guide. I’m not kidding, it really took 30 minutes. 

I was in there by myself too because I think the other students must not appreciate old computers like I do. 

Piedmont, I understand why you haven’t made any upgrades yet, change can be scary, but it’s time to let go of your inhibitions, and say hello to the twenty-first century.