Apathy in Everything


Staff Writer

 Piedmont College Athens lacks student participation in the events that occur on campus. Student activities are a big part of the college experience. Many students have shown interest in participating in activates held by Piedmont- but when the day of the event arrives, there are very few students who attend. 

    Despite the efforts of trying to get the word out about the event or even offering things such as free lunch at the occasion, student participation stays at a low. 

  Surveying around campus as to why students don’t attend students respond with three frequent responses: “I had work”, “I didn’t know of the event”, and the most common, “I live far and the commute wasn’t worth it”. 

 Being a commuter campus, these issues are inevitable. Working around the schedules of students is nearly impossible. 

  The few students who are available to attend events should provide the student activities office with their availability. This will ensure that the school schedules events according to majority of student’s availability. 

  Events during a time that is between classes for many students, a time soon after classes, or a time before classes would expand the amount of student participation. Communication between student activities and the students at Piedmont Athens is obligatory for Piedmont to grow as a community.