Where is the Love?


Staff Writer


Piedmont College Athens takes appeal in the fact that it is a small college in a big college town. Students gain the familiarity of a big college due to UGA as well as the class experience of a small college while attending Piedmont Athens. 

A small college also means less opportunity for student contribution. Being so close to The University of Georgia, Piedmont College sometimes gets overlooked. 

   During UGA football games, the town is packed with die hard UGA fans. In the midst of all of the UGA school pride, Piedmont students find themselves showing more school spirit for UGA as opposed to their own college.

Students hang around the UGA campus for many occasions: athletics, seminars, symphonies, plays and more. 

  When asked if students would like to organize similar events on the Athens campus- most students said, “there is no point” or “it’s a waste of time.” 

 Instead of investing time into their own school and its events, they participate in the events available to the public at UGA. 

 Student activities as well as ACAB, the Athens Campus Activities Board,  try to arrange various events for the Athens Campus. However, lack of student participation in these events lead to the lack of enthusiasm for Piedmont students to show school spirit. 

 When asking ten students if UGA being so close to the school was a factor in their decision to attend Piedmont, all ten students said yes. In order for Piedmont Athens to expand into a “mini UGA” activity wise, students will have to support our school community that is dedicated to exploring events for Piedmont. It all starts with putting Piedmont first.