Lack of Intramural Sports in Athens


Staff Writer

Most students around the Athens campus say they are interested in intramural sports. However, there are no current intramural opportunities for Athens Piedmont students. 

Students activities worker, Grady Rikard, explained the reasoning for the lack of intramurals.

“There is some interest, but that interest is limited due to the large number of non-traditional students that we have on campus,” said Rickard. “Being a commuter campus, scheduling is always difficult because you have to find the best time that accommodates the most to those who are interested.” 

Students who have an interest in and passion for sports are welcome to enjoy the recreation center on campus. Also, there are organized basketball games every Monday afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m. Organized tennis is in the works as well.

“Athens Piedmont is not currently ready for intramural sports because there has not been enough student involvement in current sporting events to feasibly support an intramural program,” said Zach Churchill, director of student services. “Student leadership is needed to help grow interest and build more participates on a weekly basis,” Student service director Zach Churchill concurred. 

The student activities office is always open to suggestions, and is determined to fulfill the wants of students. 

“The office of student services and campus events is working very hard to provide students with opportunities to compete in and enjoy recreational athletics,” said Rickard. “It is a great passion of mind and was a huge part of my college experience, and I want to provide students with similar events,” said Rikard. 

Rikard, Churchill and all student service workers are available to answer questions, elaborate on ideas, take suggestions and make events happen. Despite obstacles, student services are available to help make events in Athens possible for Piedmont students.