Piedmont visited by The Washington Center


On Friday Sept. 20, The Washington Center (TWC) visited Piedmont to discuss internship opportunities for students.

Representative Kourtnaye Lewis and Piedmont’s liaison Tony Frye hosted the event for students who are interested in internships in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Lewis explained that the program provided more than an internship to college students; it gives them a chance to transition into their professional life.

“I did an internship while I was in college and it was the best experience I could of ever had,” said Lewis. 

“Getting a job where I can help other students find that experience is really important to me. It’s a dream job.”

According to Lewis,  TWC is looking for students of all majors, no matter what their career or academic goals are. 

“We will work with them and help them find that professional experience for them,” said Lewis. 

“It’s really important for students to come to events like these because how else are they going to find out about these opportunities?”

According to the program guide, the TWC provides students with a nearly full-time internship, academic coursework and real-life experiences that they wouldn’t have in a traditional campus setting.

TWC also gives students a chance to become equipped with the confidence, skills and sense of purpose to thrive in their academic life.

“I think this a great program,” said Frye. 

Frye has been working with the TWC program since 2004 at a prior institution. 

“I’ve had 15 students between the prior institution and Piedmont who have been in the program and every single one of them have had a wonderful experience,” said Frye. 

Frye went on to say that it is absolutely important for students to do internships because they can be hired by potential employers when they complete the program.

Approximately seven students attended the event in hopes of getting the chance to go to Washington, D.C. 

“I was talking to Dr. Almagno a couple of days ago about internship possibilities for me as a college student,” said freshman English major Holley Barry. 

“I fell in love with Washington when I went this summer, so I definitely want to go back to spend more time in the city.”

“I’m hoping to find an internship this summer [and] am open to anything,” said junior mathematics major Max Oberkofler. 

“Being a math major, I’m planning on becoming an Actuary and gaining some experience.” 

Students are guaranteed housing when they travel to Washington, D.C. and do not live in dormitories, but in an apartment with other TWC interns that are either located near Capitol Hill, northern Virginia or suburban Maryland, all near a station on Washington’s Metro subway system. 

TWC will also assures that support is available 24 hours a day in case of any emergencies.

For more information on the TWC program, students can contact Kourtnaye Lewis at [email protected]