How is Piedmont Going For You?


Nahomi Solorzano and Caden Nelms at Piedmont University’s annual “Safe Spring Break” event. (PHOTO// Caden Nelms)

Nahomi Solorzano, Contributing Writer

Too many questions are asked to freshmen that do not have simple answers during their first year. One thing is for sure, Piedmont has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

This year is about to end with there only being one month left of classes. So how is it this year? Well for me, it was a bit of a shock. In high school, we are told that college would be hard and that it cannot be compared to high school. So, of course, I was nervous for my first semester. But when the first day of classes came, it took a completely right turn. I was making friends already; my courses were not as hard as expected and I was already getting involved in clubs. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Sure, the chaos of getting up and having to get a ride every morning is hectic but, luckily, I only live ten minutes away from Piedmont, so it is not that bad.

Getting to meet new people here has played a good factor in my day to day at Piedmont. Since I have made new friends, I have been able to really appreciate life by doing activities with them and hanging out with them. Also, I am glad I have gotten closer to an old friend. We have known each other since elementary school, and now we are at the same university, and we have gotten closer than ever before. The time that I have been here has been great. I even have a good relationship with my professors. Anytime I have any trouble I can talk to any of them.

Of course, it is not all a perfect story. I have had struggles. For example, getting so involved in college when I have other priorities outside of campus like my business and family. So, I have been stressed, but I am still trying to finish strong as my high school saying went. It has been difficult at times struggling with some personal things and juggling with classes, but thankfully nothing major has happened to me in a negative way.

One thing I am excited about is being able to tell my story through “The Roar” and finding a community in the Mass Communications department. However, I am loyal to my major and made the decision to add Mass Communications as my double minor along with social justice. For this semester, I have been trying to take it slow even though time has clearly gone quicker than expected. It honestly still doesn’t feel like I am about to finish my first year of college.

My parents always ask what it is like being at Piedmont and I always answer differently, but I never really elaborate because it is just my first year. There is so much more to live for to really explain college life.