APRIL FOOLS: “What The Mont?” Makes History


Buzzsprout, the hosting service for “What The Mont?”, sent this certificate to Evan LaPorta and Brett Loftis in recognition of their 10th download.

Evan LaPorta, Staff Writer

After 13 episodes produced over seven months, Roar Productions’ podcast “What The Mont?” has hit a new milestone, earning its 10th download last week.

“This is such a big accomplishment,” said Dr. Joe Dennis, adviser to The Roar. “Ten downloads makes this the most downloaded podcast in Roar Productions history.”

“What The Mont?” started out as a class project in Dennis’ podcasting class in fall 2021. With the tagline, “What the Mont? Fridays at 4. News, sports and everything more,” the podcast covers campus news and promotes upcoming sports and other events happening on campus over the weekend. The show started with rotating hosts from the class, but seniors Evan LaPorta and Brett Loftis decided to keep the show going in the spring.

“We were hovering around 8-9 downloads in the fall,” LaPorta said, “which is weird considering there were 18 people in the class. At any rate, I knew if we just kept pushing and putting out an entertaining podcast, we could cross that 10-download threshold.”

Loftis, who is also the “voice of the Lions,” has high hopes for the future of the podcast. Like many other podcast legends such as Joe Rogan and Bill Simmons, Loftis is looking to shop the podcast around for an exclusive deal. 

 “I received an email from Spotify the other day and was so excited thinking they were making an offer for the show, but it ended up just being an offer to get three months free,” he said. “But at the rate we’re growing, no doubt we’ll get an exclusive offer soon.”

This story is part of The Roar’s annual, comprehensive April Fools coverage of Piedmont University.