ZEN FITNESS: New outdoor space provides extra fitness opportunities for students


Staff Writer

Fitness Center Coordinator Denyse Vincent did not know what to expect when Senior Business major Garrett Lovelace walked into her office unexpectedly one day. 

Lovelace suggested to Vincent that the empty space outside of the fitness center be used as a workout yard for students and faculty.

Lovelace was exercising one day in the gym when he noticed the empty space outside of the fitness center and thought it could be put to good use.

 With the help of some of the Piedmont baseball players and community service volunteers, Lovelace and Vincent began putting the project together within a matter of weeks. 

Recycled tires, pipes, sand and paint were some of the first things used to start building the area. 

“It’s two weeks away from being completed,” says Lovelace. 

“We’re trying to get an outdoor carpet or turf to keep the dirt and dust down.”

“This benefits the students because it gives them a variety of things to do when they come to the gym,” says Vincent. 

“It also reduces the overcrowding.” 

Students on campus are also pleased with the workout yard. 

“I think it’s a good idea because it’s outside. People just don’t want to be in a room all the time staring at white walls,” said early childhood education major Gabby Wampler.

“It sounds really unique. I think it’s a good idea,” said management and marketing major Quentin Deaton.

Included with the equipment in the yard, there is also a chalkboard that can be used to suggest ideas for how to use certain equipment. 

Also, there is an 18-inch deep sand box that can be used for running and agility, Vincent explained. 

Vincent also said the new workout yard creates a more functional setting for the center. 

“It also gives students something to do during the summer, especially if they want to do CrossFit training,” said Lovelace. 

“I’ve always worked out with tires and I encourage others to do so also so they can know how good and fun it is for them.”

Vincent explained that she is also in the process of organizing to have fitness classes out in the yard. 

“I always try to keep my office open for suggestions on anything they want because this is the student’s fitness center,” said Vincent. 

“We want to make it good for them.”