Rants on Romance



Jaela Dodson, Features Editor

Exploring romance itself can be a good or bad experience depending on your personal history and beliefs. In an era dedicated to digital media, expressing romance satisfaction and dissatisfaction can be even more confusing. 

Have you ever considered how important a like, a share, a comment, or even a caption serves?  What about a direct message or posting a simple picture? Rants on Romance seeks to uncover the many ways young adults express themselves through social media. 

Social media has become the main outlet of communication among young adults. Young adults collectively adopt a communication style when expressing relationship dissatisfaction via social media. College adults specifically, use social media to convey the details of their relationship. 

Rants on Romance is a podcast series and blog about all the things that matter on social media in regards to relationships today. Every week a new blog is posted covering various topics regarding social media’s role in romantic relationships. The blog gives readers a chance to think and reconsider their own interactions with social media concerning the topic point. 

“Relationships now don’t last because of social media,” said senior nursing major Brenda Diaz. “The whole liking, commenting, dming and all the apps available has changed the way we comprehend and interact in relationships. It’s not talked about enough how our generation has really changed how relationships operate.” 

In conjunction with the blog, a new podcast is released weekly featuring different college students discussing different topics.  While the blog focuses on the facts, the podcast allows students to chime in, voicing their opinions on how they agree or disagree to express relationships on social media. 

“Now that we’re actually talking about it, I never knew how much emphasis we put on such irrelevant things on social media,” said freshman business marketing major Jia Weathersby.

Social media has a powerful influence on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of users. Some believe digital media has a negative impact on relationships, while others claim social media enhances relationships. No matter the view, social media has become a part of our everyday lives and relationships. 

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