TikTok Under Review: Interviews


Anna Watson, Contributing Writer

TikTok serves as a place of community, where all different kinds of people can share content together. There are shy people, strong people and those who happen to be in the right place at the right time – and sometimes is the street of New York.

Most people go through crowded areas hoping and praying that no one talks to them. Some people share an immense fear of speaking in front of an audience or are too shy to talk to strangers. Many TikTokers do not share that same fear.

Not Davis Burleson. @whatspoppinshow

Davis is a New York City TikToker who is known for his quick-witted interviews with people on the street. From fashion to politics, Davis Burleson does not shy away from any conversation.

Not Kairos. @kairoshq

Kairos’s style of interviews is very simple but strong. Walking around New York, he asks if certain people, trends or worldly affairs are a Bop or Flop and why.

Not Freddie Marien. @freddiemarien

Freddie’s most popular interview question is “what song are you listening to?” Seen mostly around college campuses, Freddie’s one-question interview gives a quick look at the diversity of what people listen to.

Unlike the big Hollywood, promotional, interviews, these street interviews are about random people. Yet, they are still so entertaining. Consider Kairos, who has gained 9 million likes and over 90 thousand followers, has only posted interview videos. People are a curious type. This content is so enticing because people look for similarities everywhere. Viewers want to know if they share similar ideas to the people they see on TikTok. There is a certain level of comfort found in sharing ideas – even if it is with strangers. Despite this, people are still enthralled when they hear something about someone else’s life that is different than their own.

Considering they are a fan favorite, these quick interviews are probably here to stay.


Bop or Flop with THE fashion icon Ryan Winter ? @yung_fontina (part 1/3)

♬ original sound – Bop or Flop


E313: So fun! #outfits #fashion #nyc

♬ original sound – What’s Poppin? with Davis!


What Song Are You Listening To? fypwhatsongareyoulisteningtoutampa

♬ original sound – freddie