Cutting The Cord

John Dills, Staff Writer

For many people who are under the age of 50, their only source of television is through streaming services. According to CBS, more than half of the people who are above the age of 50 are still using cable or satellite television. Comparing that to 2016, there is a 17% increase in people who are using streaming services.

The reason for people to switch to streaming services are abundant, but of the choices for television available, many people below the age of 30 want to have the ability to have their television screen on the go, through a laptop or phone. Those who are over 30 will generally leave their satellite or cable subscription for streaming services because of the reduction in price and the lack of advertisements.

Many broadcast news providers have also started a streaming approach, that being through their own applications, through social media, or through streaming providers. The cord-cutting has once again called for broadcasters to adapt to their surroundings, leaving their comfort zone and focusing on how their stories can be displayed on different streaming platforms. 

The future is without cables. Streaming services are going to out grow satellite and cable services and allow for broadcasters, and viewers to adapt to the experience in a way that can support all of those involved. We may not know what comes after streaming, but while streaming is here and still relatively new it’s good to enjoy it.