How WSB-TV Became Atlanta’s #1 TV News Source

John Dills, Staff Writer

Broadcast has a rich history in the State of Georgia. The ability to instantly speak to a large audience through signals and wires was a huge change in an ever-changing industry. 

News stations began making their way southeast. From New York to California, more and more stations hit the air running. For Atlanta locals, WSB-TV hit the television screens on September 29th, 1948, being the first television news in the south.  Eventually growing their audience to more viewers across the state, WSB-TV was influential within the state for many reasons. 

After the end of the Civil Rights Movement, in 1975, WSB-TV hired Monica Pearson, the first African-American woman to anchor the evening news in Atlanta. Pearson went on to spend her career at the station and retired in 2012. 

In recent history, 2006 brought high definition television and Dolby 5.1 audio to the forefront of modern technology. In September of that same year, WSB-TV was one of the first news channels within the country to switch to a high-quality broadcast. Without WSB-TV, Georgia could have quite possibly been behind in the adaptation to new technology for television broadcasting. 

From this, we know that Georgia has a rich history in broadcast news, and the future looks plentiful. Going forward, Georgians should only expect the best from WSB-TV and other local stations as they keep the state informed through news and information. The adaptation to an ever-changing industry will keep WSB-TV in the homes of Georgians for years to come.