TikTok Under Review: Podcasts


Anna Watson, Contributing Writer

Content creators are always anticipating future trends, trying to remain at the forefront and stay relevant. The newest one: podcasts.

With “850,000 active podcasts” and “more than 48 million episodes in total” as of April 2021, podcasts are growing on the daily, said Neal Schaffer. Creators have found a medium that they can represent in an audible as well as visual way, thus making it very attractive. From long-time creators, known across every platform, to people who have just gotten started, podcasts are the “it” thing – and TikTok is the place to promote it.

Consisting of quick video clips, Vine and YouTube star David Dobrik, is one of many to share his podcast “Views” with TikTok. Many of his friends, highlighted from YouTube, have created their own podcasts and begun sharing across platforms. The podcast, “Unfiltered” hosted by Heath Hussar, Mariah Amato, Zane and Matt King, often features people from “Views” and other TikTok stars – such as Noah Beck, Tana Mongeau and the D’Amelios. Both podcasts primarily focus on funny stories or experiences they have shared. While it gives a deeper look into their relationships it doesn’t add much value to the listener. What makes them entertaining is their personalities.

Another successful YouTuber that has become renowned in the podcasting world, Emma Chamberlain decided to delete her TikTok back in December of 2021. In reference to her productivity levels at the time, she said, “I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until I cut TikTok out of my life,” in an episode of her podcast “Anything Goes”. Instead of a promotional tool for her podcast, Chamberlain had used TikTok as another social media account – yet she remains one of the top podcasters to move from YouTube to the audio world. Emma Chamberlain has a unique combination of personality and value in her shows. Rather than focusing on LA or the LA experience, Chamberlain focuses on life. With titles like “good habits,” “having children,” “friendships” and “the truth about being self-employed,” Chamberlain connects with her audience on a much deeper level. While fans support her personal growth, her presence on TikTok is missed.


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