A Letter From Your SGA President



Michael Mack, Contributing Writer

As the SGA President, I want to inform you that SGA is alive and strong on campus. The student government planned to fulfill three goals before May 2022– promoting cultural diversity, resolving campus issues, and making an overall difference for college students. Over the semester, executives restructured the organization to have an active presence on campus to achieve our goals. We have assembled a full senate, holding 11 committed members to serve your voices and interest on campus. The executive board formed the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee, promoting cultural diversity and inclusiveness, working with the DEI council on campus. We have collaborated with faculty, staff, and institutional committees, building a communicative bridge between our school and the student body. Most importantly, we are developing coalitions with various student organizations to make new initiatives and pursue unified agendas for next semester. In short, SGA has a renewed drive to represent the voices and concerns of all Piedmont students.

This semester, SGA helped SOL, LES center, and DEI raise 1,200 books for incarcerated individuals in our state. We have supported CAB in the Pride Walk, funded events and activities held by student organizations, and focused on developing our structure and goals to meet students’ needs. Our student government renews our commitment as an active advocate managing student issues while facing the challenges of COVID-19. This semester we focused on developing our vision and goals for the year and plan to be an active agent in the spring. Our fall season is when we harvest a new plan and initiatives, while the spring is the time to enact them.

The Student Address from SGA President, Michael Mack (originally written Fall 2021)