Piedmont University introduces a new Tik Tok Account


Piedmont University’s first TikTok Video, featuring Dr. Dale Van Cantfort and Athletic Director Jim Peeples. // Photo Courtesy Piedmont University TikTok

Tyler Goins, Staff Writer

Piedmont University launched the start of their first TikTok channel October 1st. Marketing has had the idea to start this new channel for a couple of months now, but with their new student worker Tyler Goins, they were able to start it. Goins is the captain of this channel and has high expectations for content and the growth of it.  

 Marketing noticed that everyone is on TikTok and they did vigorous research seeing how their algorithm works. This platform is the easiest app to grow and get views on. With marketing knowing this, they wanted to make sure that the videos they posted would bring in the most views, so they started planning for the first video. 

After a week of planning, they stumbled across a trending TikTok challenge. The video that stood out to them was the Grace Kelly Challenge by Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. October is fine arts month, and the content must be based on it which is what made it hard to find a good idea for the first video. After discovering the trendy video, there was a hunt to find the right people to be the actors. They needed two people that were well known by the students but would never be in a video where they have to sing. Goins instantly thought of Dale Van Cantfort and Jim Peeples to be the stars of the opening video for this channel.

The one concern Goins was worried about was that these two would not be willing to do the video. However, these two quickly responded and wanted to do the video. A few days later, they filmed in the Mize Center and the shoot was successful. Everyone had a great time and got a good laugh out of it. After uploading the video on October 1st, it shot up to over 1,200 views in just a few days and the profile gained over 70 new followers. 

 Marketing was thriving with excitement but craving for more content and that is what they are working on right now. This new platform is giving Piedmont University a fresh start with high hopes.