Paranormal Piedmont


Here is the promotional poster that was hung around campus. Created by Sarah Bittner.

Tyler Goins, Staff Writer

Piedmont University released its mini horror documentary “Paranormal Piedmont” on October 28th. Piedmont’s marketing team has been working on this film for over a month. Zackary Hoopaugh was the creator behind this idea.  

At first, Piedmont wanted to put some sort of piece out for Halloween. The original plan was to make a five-to-ten-minute film based around the thought of the show “Ghost Hunters.” They wanted it to come off as lighthearted and funny. After a few meetings, the team created posters and hung them up all over campus. These posters received attention from the students and staff. The whole month of October, this is what everyone was talking about and wanted to hear stories of ghosts around campus. Following that last statement, the marketing team sent out a QR code that takes you to a page where you send in your ghost story that you have personally experienced.  

The team received numerous stories which threw them for a loop. They immediately started interviewing staff and students with these stories. Directors Tyler Goins and Caleb Rogers were out every night until one a.m. filming interviews, getting b-roll shots of the campus, or recreating scenes from the stories. Goins and Rogers brought in some students that helped them with this film who included: Brett Loftis, Megan Schaefer, Olivia Justus and Anya Olson. This team had a blast filming together and enjoyed working on this project. 

 They faced several problems during this month long of filming. However, this didn’t stop them from completing “Paranormal Piedmont.” Goins edited this film a couple days before it was due.  

Director and senior mass communications major Caleb Rogers also stated, “Paranormal Piedmont was one of my favorite projects to work on. We had a fantastic team and through the ups and downs we came together as a team to make this film happen. I’ll definitely look back in this project and be thankful for the experience.” 

If you haven’t seen the film yet, go watch it! You won’t be disappointed.