Monster House


Monster House is a well known children’s movie. PHOTO// courtesy of Google.

Matthew Kodrowski, Opinions Editor

I don’t really have a movie or show I traditionally watch on Halloween, but as a kid, a Halloween movie that I loved to watch was “Monster House.” I remember as a kid I was terrified of the angry old man who would yell at kids, and even more so by the idea of a creepy house that had the capability to swallow up anything on the property. I have a lot more appreciation for the movie now that I’m older because the terror is no longer an issue. I am able to recognize the thrill of the adventure, the beauty of the redemption story of someone who was once misunderstood and of course, the humor that you missed as a kid. I recommend anyone who reads this to go back and watch this movie this Halloween. It may bring back some old memories and make you really appreciate the entertainment children our age had while growing up.