The Social Justice Club


The Social Justice Movie Club chooses and highlights a different film each month. // Photo Courtesy of Caden Nelms.

(Audio provided by Caden Nelms)

Matthew Kodrowski, Opinions Editor

Piedmont University is introducing a new club for students and faculty to engage in. It hopes to provide a medium where individuals can discuss how they can impact the world around them through the lessons they learn from some Hollywood productions. This club is known as the Social Justice Movie Club, and it is led by Dr. Matthew Teutsch.

“The Social Justice Movie Club is a space for students, faculty, and staff at Piedmont University to come together virtually to engage with one another in discussions that will enhance our journey toward lifelong learning and personal growth,” says Dr. Teutsch. “The club is free, and we will announce each film at the beginning of every month.”

“Anybody that wants to have a chance to learn about other cultures, ethnicities, social justice, movements and impacts can do so,” says sophomore mass communications major Caden Nelms. “I think it’s just awesome that people like Dr. Teutsch have started something that is so available to all students, while also making it fun by getting to watch a movie at the same time.”

All participants will be required to watch the film via the given movie streaming site. These sites primarily include those included in Piedmont Library services- which are Academic Online Video and YouTube- but some movie streams may be on Netflix, Amazon Prime or other services. All members need to do is contribute to a group discussion board.

“We will watch everything from blockbuster films and Oscar winners to independent films and documentaries,” says Dr. Teutsch. “Each film will have a social justice aspect that we will look at as we engage in our discussions. Students should also know that this club is free, and you can watch the films at your convenience. You can engage in discussion through the discussion boards where Moderators will post questions on the film in the discussion boards to spark conversation as well as resources about the films or themes. You do not have to participate in every viewing session and your level of participation is entirely up to you.”

This club meets online only rather than in person. The remaining film-watching periods are October 1 to October 31 and November 1 to November 30. For information on accessing the link for the meeting or if you have any other questions regarding the club, please contact Dr. Matthew Teutsch at [email protected].