Children of the Corn


The original poster for “Children of the Corn.” PHOTO// courtesy of Screen Geek

Olivia Justus, A&E Editor

When I was a kid, it was customary for my family to watch “Children of the Corn” around Halloween. My parents always thought it was hilarious to watch it before our annual trip to the corn maze. This movie starts out with a couple who is going on a second honeymoon to try and save their marriage. When they are driving through miles and miles of corn fields, they come across a murdered boy. The couple tries to find the closest town to report the crime. When they get to a small town in Nebraska, they are only met with a cult of murderous children. Try going to the corn maze after watching this movie! My parents would always split off from my sister and I. They always proceeded to throw corn at us or walk through the rows and scare us. I will always have a small fear of cornfields because of that.